Unique features present in the product include client popup software that enables call information to pop up on any agent PC, integration capability with any CRM software, remote audio live snoop capability and a browser-based user interface that enables remote access from any PC on the network. Centralised software installed at Head Office HO can connect, monitor and store call data from multiple offices. The user interface helps supervisors, managers and top- level executives to review logged conversations for further analysis. Overview Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital and VoIP telephone lines. Prevents audio logs from being lost due to any uncertainties through redundant recording, thus assuring availability of recorded data at any time. The presence of voice logs also ensures that records are maintained for resolving customer grievances and disputes.

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From backup and restore vooce of Xtend Xtend voice logger Logger, it is easier to keep the logged audio files safe from errors or system failures. Administrator can set the access level rights for each user. For telephonic support, call: Refer this manual while working with the software application. Media Centre Site Map.

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Xtend Voice Logger for Audio Lines can be utilised wherever continuous audio recording is required. Audio logs are important reference materials that can be accessed at any time on the desktop and used as a proof to clear important issues. The Holiday List option allows to view xtend voice logger holidays in a year. Get full-fledged call information on the browser interface.


All searches, reports and oogger can be configured to utilise the information in the address book. Overview Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital xtend voice logger VoIP telephone lines.

Xtend Voice Logger

With continuous reviews of calls the quality of customer service can be improved to a large extent. All you have to do is click on the options given below to access the information. Xtend voice logger meet the needs of our clients for every project xtend voice logger working hard and using our years of industry experience. When potential issues arise, these recordings are vital as these can be cross-referenced for resolving the disputes.

Listen to active calls and get in-depth details about each recorded call from the secure interface with certain loggeer rights. While listening, select and save multiple audio regions. Why red light appears while connecting the device to the xtend voice logger Please enter Mobile Number. Multi-login Facility with Administrative Rights Multiple users can login to the browser interface at different access levels with administrative rights.

Voice Logger

Phonebook and call statistics An in-built address book enables one to store name and address details into the system. Add customer details in real-time and save information in the phonebook to quickly identify the caller next time to provide a personalised experience. Call Recording Solutions Size: Please enter xtend voice logger name. Interactions in control rooms can also be completely xtend voice logger as a public safety measure.

The presence of voice logs also ensures that records are maintained for resolving customer grievances and disputes. Call recording helps in improving customer service by enabling your managerial staff and supervisors to review actual telephone conversations, allowing you to address customer issues quickly and fairly.


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Work efficiency in offices related to railways, airways, waterways can be maximised with the implementation of call recording solutions.

Xtend VX Voice Logger for Analog lines has been designed with the exclusive xtend voice logger of greeting the callers with a welcome message. Advanced Search is fast, powerful and focused to retrieve only those xtend voice logger that matches the user-defined criteria.

We pride ourselves on our support and we maintain boice support personnel to address any and all issues you might face.

Business In business firms record all transactions that are dealt over phone to ensure perfect customer service. Standalone Voice Logger is a full-fledged, dedicated, rack-mountable logging device with an inherent computing power and storage capability, and consists of all the xtend voice logger components to implement xtend voice logger logging solutions conveniently.

Xtend Voice Logger helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management to review the actual telephone conversation with the customer. Critical calls can be combined and saved as a separate file for future reference.