Creating a New Profile Figure Make sure that the notebook or desktop is powered on. This passphrase must match the passphrase of your other wireless network devices and is compatible with Linksys wireless products only. All devices in your wireless network must use the same channel in order to communicate. Node – A network junction or connection point, typically a computer or work station.

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Throughput – The amount of data moved successfully from one node to another in a given time period.

How the Adapter connects to your PC Figure Here are the steps you can take: Each node must Appendix A: Front Panel Figure Ad-hoc – A group of wireless devices communicating directly with each other peer-to-peer without the use of an access point. This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

Software – Instructions for the computer. First, it evaluates such factors as signal strength and quality, as well as the message load currently being carried by each access point and the distance of each access point to the wnidows backbone. Backbone – The part of a network that connects most of the systems and networks together, and handles the most data.


If you have any non-Linksys wireless products, enter the WEP key manually on those products. Network Mode – The wireless mode currently in use. After the software has been successfully installed, the Congratulations screen will appear. Site Survey Surveyed at – The time at which the wireless network was scanned.


Linksys WUSB11v4 Free Driver Download (Official)

Channel – The channel to which the wireless network devices are set. Ad-Hoc Mode – This mode allows wireless-equipped computers to communicate directly with each other.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The default setting is linksys all lowercase.

Windows 98SE, Me, and users.

Don’t wish to call? With these, and many other, Linksys products, your networking options are limitless.

Ad-Hoc Mode or Infrastructure Mode – The screen indicates whether the Adapter is currently working in adhoc wwindows infrastructure mode. If you can’t find an answer here, check the Linksys website at www.

Router – A networking device that connects multiple networks together. Enter the exact WEP key used by your access point.

Linksys WUSB11 Instant Wireless USB Network Adapter Driver – TechSpot

Front Panel Power Green. Click the More Information button to view additional information about the wireless network connection. Spread Spectrum technology is a wideband radio frequency technique developed by the military for use in reliable, secure, mission-critical communications systems. If you want to export more than one profile, you have to export them one at a time.


A data switch that connects computing devices to host computers, allowing a large number of devices to share a limited number of ports. Last, enter a Group Key Renewal period, which instructs the device how often it should change the encryption keys. What is Spread Spectrum? Enable MAC Address filtering. DSSS Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum – Frequency transmission with a redundant bit pattern resulting in a lower probability of information being lost in transit.

Yes, as long as the game supports multiple players over a LAN local area network.