Like A delay of 1ms E Thanks for the comment. Your email address will not be published. Please have a go with that and let me know how it goes! My second choice would be to install Orbitron to a custom location, not in program files, where you as a normal permission level user will have write access.

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When running my DDEObritronToSerial plugin you can give it a format string which it will use to format what it sends down the serial port to your, for example, arduino.

WispDDE info

Third option may be to manually change the permissions of that settings file yourself so that your user has write access. Can I get your email address? Wispde split Azimuth and Elevation commands.

The serial output from the PC needs to go to something that can parse the data and drive the motors.

Negative elevation is ok. I can see a scenario where one may want to send the position down one port and the radio data down another though. It was my mistake, now it is working perfectly and sending wiapdde as A30, E I am testing on your software. Feel free to post some more details, happy to take a look. I am running orbitron to steer my sdr.


You can edit the config file to change the baud rate. For example, I would have wispddf micro-controller receive the az and el data and drive a motor controller.

Hi, Thanks for the comment. Then commands that will sent to rotor controller via serial should be A and next command should be E The zeroing of elevation should not be a problem. It depends what you need to feed into the controller. It will be really appreciated and will be of immense use to all experimenters as well.

I would initially opt for dd-mm-yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd for the DATE and hh: Hope it goes well. It will be great if it does both like the wispDDE as your one has the possibility to choose Comports greather of COM4 that WispDDE does not do but your one has this option but cannot, or i cannot find for the wispdd. Thank you so much for your help.

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It will be really appreciated. The scope is shot. I have Oroitron 3. It is generally left to the receiving device to process it as the user wishes.


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Hello, i am trying for the first time the program but cannot understand wisdpde it is just for the Rotators or also for the radio. Dual AD in Quadrature and finer phase adjustment.

It is really a great help. First Azimuth command should go to the controller and then after few milli seconds delay, elevation command should go.

Like A delay of 1ms E Sir How would you go about writing code for arduino wispddee to use just AZ only to rotate an antenna. Not sure how to make the arduino look for the information. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanking you in anticipation and waiting for your answer. Just made it a bit easier to edit sispdde options by forcing the config XML file to be opened in notepad.