There’s Inkspace Plus with additional features that Wacom’s trying to promote. Their website says it must be a “brass” refill, so if we can find a brass based refill of the same size, one could assume it could work. I am so grateful that you took the time to make the extremely informative review on YouTube! You only get vector PDF if you export from Inkscape app, not when you export the file from Wacom cloud. Below are six features of the Bamboo Slate and Inkspace as marketed by Wacom:

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When I’m using the pen, sometimes the side of my index finger knuckle area will accidentally twist the pen’s back causing the ballpoint to retract.

For writing purposes, it will work fine without the clips. I followed your steps and within a short time, my Bamboo Slate was functioning as I had hoped it would before my first devastating attempt. Hi, Thanks for the review. Why did you attach the notepad with clips?

I use cloth bound sketchbooks and they have the same problems. Leave this field blank. Purchases though the links get me a commission at no extra cost to you, and helps me put out more reviews like this. Thanks a lot for your review. These are the features: For anything smaller, you can slot it into the large side pocket.


What’s included The items included are the device itself, a ballpoint pen, extra pen refill, the refill remover and micro-USB cable for charging. It is stable enough for writing. Thank you a lot for your review. Strange thing is, there are two layers of same content. Inkspace Plus Inkspace is blu basic version of the app.

So when getting new notepads, get one under 80 pages. The A5 sized dotted notepad comes with 40 perforated pages. It’s slippery so the clip has to be pressed hard. Thank you very much!

Artist Review: Wacom Bamboo Slate for Drawing or Note Taking | Parka Blogs

The paramount question you b,ue ask yourself before buying is whether you have time to scan. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

As mentioned earlier, I feel bluue this device is for people who takes lots of notes and don’t have time to scan. Below are six features of the Bamboo Slate and Inkspace as marketed by Wacom: Skip to main content. Pierre You can only use the stylus provided.

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These are the features:. So in Illustrator, I have to use the Pathfinder to flatten the duplicates by combining the top and bottom layers. The Bamboo Slate is just the Bamboo Spark with a different look. Wascon should make you an ambassador of their company.

Bamboo Slate: New Colors to Match Your Style

I tried a Zebra refill of same shape and size but it does not work for some reason. Before I watched your YouTube video, I had repacked my Bamboo slate and was prepared to return the item, because nothing I read online or in the booklets that came with the slate were as explicit and informative as your video!!!

I’m not a fan of cloth surface because they get dirty easily and it’s diffcult to clean. They are based in Asia but ship globally. Pairing of the Bamboo Slate and your mobile device is done inside Inkspace.