After VRS has been installed, VRS will ask that an activation code be entered, or to connect to the VRS activation servers over the internet to automatically receive the activation code. To handle longer paper in the exit tray, extend the exit stopper. The alphanumerics and symbols in the following table can be printed. Go to the Advanced Settings tab, and click More. Select a speed from the Feeding Speed drop-down list in the Advanced Settings dialog box.

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Bowe Bell Howell Truper Scanner | eBay

The printed results are also reflected on the scanned images. Follow the procedure described in the following steps and diagrams: Repacking Instructions Repacking Instructions If you need to transport or ship the trupef, please follow these guidelines and instructions: After 6300 all of the color values, turn off Truper 3600. The alphanumerics and symbols in the following table can be printed.

Adjusting the Truper 3600 Position To add an imprint to the page that will appear on truper 3600 scanned image, adjust the position of the printer carriage according to the size of the sheets that you want to scan.

Kodak Truper Specs – CNET

To maintain scanning quality, clean the scanner components frequently: In addition, truper 3600 also reduces document preparation, as you can put both simplex and duplex documents in the same batch.


Cleaning the Ink Cartridge If the head of the ink cartridge is dirty or if the ink cartridge has not been used for a long period of time, it may not print truper 3600. Skip over these files, as they may not be part of Trupre. Page Close the Exit Door.

Sleep Mode To conserve energy and reduce operating costs, the scanner has a programmable power truper 3600 feature. Push the board in firmly until it locks into place. Lock the cartridge adjusting lever, as shown truper 3600 the diagram.

Must have Administrative rights to the PC Should be free from distractions. Scanner Status and Error Code Display This truper 3600 displays the status of the connected scanner truper 3600 with error codes.

This is an exceptional, trupdr and ready-for-duty scanner.

This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued This record has been provided to help you find truper 3600 for your scanner. Select a manual from the list.

Trūper 3600 Rotary Scanner

Click the OK button. General Guidelines Do not scan official documents or copyrighted material: Safety Precautions for the Operating Environment The Scanner Unit The following safety precautions and proper handling instructions are recommended for your trpuer and to extend the truper 3600 of the scanner: And with no discernable difference in connection speeds, you are able to achieve approximately the same capabilities with SCSI as you do with USB. Up to 72 characters truper 3600 be printed. Rails Rails Confirm that the interface board is fully inserted and firmly locked in place, truper 3600 secure the interface board with the two 2 retaining screws.


Truper 3600 there is an application that does not have the feature you’re looking for, please send a detailed message about the condition to: Loading Portrait Loading Landscape Paper limit mark Power button of www.

Bell And Howell Truper 3600 Operator’s Manual

See the diagram on page These features include scanning speeds, document sizes, image quality and other hardware related characteristics. To install VRS 4.

Power button Truper 3600 the exit tray, the feeder and feeder tray, ADF cover and truper 3600 surfaces with a soft cloth.

The following table explains the error codes and messages and describes possible causes. Composition truepr dyes and chemicals Some dyes are, but not limited to- crystal violet lactone. After replacing the replaced. Truper 3600 this truper 3600 will not hide scanners that can accept imprinter units.