At least packs all the basic features needed for proper rendering of 90’s 3d games. Crashman Jun 14, , Incoming did not drop textures and Formula 1 could start, but look at the mess: SiS remained focused on low-end in and their first TnL chip “” simply tried to do similar DX7 rendering as competition for “Asian” price. I have a set of older driver which are working out.

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Bilinear filter however is not smooth interpolation, but a gradual.

With it’s full triangle setup, fga cache and optionally beefy MPEG decoder, outperformed more famous budget chips like those gva ATi and S3. I guess it would not fit well. Performance 3d performance of is rather low, unlike what theoretical fillrate suggests it does not have enough power for gaming at x Anonymous Jun 13,1: With a chip rather slow can there be much of a difference? It was not until that SiS entered the discrete graphics market with cga chips 62xx. First 3d architecture of SiS exhibits Direct3d compatibility on par with legends of its generation.

Go search for Amdupd. SiS for Socket 7, and SiS for socket Exceptionally, some specific textures are showing excessive color banding, probably because driver chose wrong format, or additional dithering. Silicon Integrated Systems is a Taiwanese corporation founded in The SIS website recommends that any bios or driver updates should be obtained from the manufacturer.



I have it installed already. These should not be related to such filtering optimization. Probably removed by the distributer to caus maximum confusion! Well, there are few hopes: Later die shrink and reingeneered with eis bit memory bus, cheaper “” sold a lot more, but still not enough to regain former market share of From setup unit 32 bit data with 13 bit tags are sent at once to the rasterizer.

I have a set of older driver which are working out. It is a bad sign when company concentrates on promoting interface rather than compute power of the chip itself. Anyway, once SiS polished the silicon became solid value 3d chip.

SiS 6326 AGP Graphics Video BIOS

Common bug is found in Grim Fandango, where wrong z occlusion makes characters hide behind some backgrounds. Windows Protection fault at boot up.

Little known brands are stigmatized with bad drivers expectations, but SiS certainly did not left without proper Direct3d support. Four megabytes of video memory are sometimes not enough, C1 did not use texturing from system memory and dropped some textures in Incoming.


It blew my machine out of the water. Crashman Jun 14, With graphics business going nowhere SiS decided to get rid of anything not essential for integrated graphics. Thanks for all the help. Third the texturing likes to drop samples at further mip maps, but the amount of shimmering is within expectations of the time.

I thought maybe with some crystal mod I could become lucky owner of the fastest “evah”, but the DAC is tied to the same source. The cards Since first revision featured strong idct mpegII decoder, as Miro is promoting here.

First review was done with Vag even if its release date is on the edge of my scope. Did they think people will remember random numbers?

Lowering resolutions further does not help so much like with Virge for example, so the bottleneck is likely somewhere in the early sos. Can’t find your answer?