So it’s a really useful case for swapping various notebook SATA hard drives. SimpleTech printed the text so faintly on the underbelly of the enclosure that I have to use negative reversal on the image for it to show clearly see photo below. After unscrewing the two screws, you can easily unplug the drive from the interface board see photo below. On the bottom of the unit are two plastic strips that give the SimpleDrive a very good grip, preventing it from sliding off of tilted surfaces. But what it really boils down to is size and usability.

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Full shot of the SimpleDrive hard drive. Operating on a 2.

To 10gb a different hard drive in and to put the enclosure back together, just follow the instruction in reverse. Before taking it apart, you need to simpletech 160gb aware that the warranty is void is you mess with the label. Poke the screwdriver through the simpletech 160gb to unscrew the enclosure.

SimpleTech FS-U25 GB Portable Hard Drive Disassembly

I tried testing it by transferring 1. The other 160gg hole is under the serial number label see photo below. It’s fish-shaped enclosure simpletech 160gb too eye-pleasing at first, but after taking it apart, the simp,etech enclosure is actually well made and simple to swap drives. And simpletech 160gb enclosure is easy to reassemble. Rear view of the SimpleDrive hard drive. Simpletech 160gb printed the text so faintly on the underbelly of the enclosure that I have to use negative reversal on the image for it to show clearly see photo below.

The 1 mini-Phillips screwdriver is perfect for the screws. It has a USB 2.

SimpleTech GB SimpleDrive Portable Hard Drive (PC) Overview – CNET

At first look, the SimpleTech SimpleDrive portable hard drive is as small, portable and compact as advertised. An incremental backup feature allows users to conduct a full backup and incrementally backup new files and folders added simpletech 160gb the initial backup to keep information and data up to date.


The model being evaluated in this review has a capacity of GB and a devilish case color simpletech 160gb Ferrari red. The primary USB head is used both as a power source and as the data transfer source while the other USB head can be used as an optional secondary power source for simpletech 160gb unable to generate enough power through a single USB head.

The software is overall relatively easy to use and operate, allowing for quick commands such as backing up or simpletech 160gb files to begin in a flash. Fitting easily in the palm of my hand, the drive itself weighs a little more than a standard PDA and is a great space 1160gb solution for simpletech 160gb with crammed desk space such as is experienced by college students and users facing a small work environment.

SimpleTech 160gb USB External Hard Drive

The SimpleDrive portable hard drive does not need a driver 160gbb immediately start transferring and copying over data and is hot-swappable meaning that it can be removed from the simpletech 160gb after disabled from the “Safely Remove Hardware” application.

So it’s a really useful case simpletech 160gb swapping various notebook SATA hard drives.

The form factor gives the drive a unique aerodynamic sporty look with a reflective finish. Simpletech 160gb unscrewing the enclosure pull the enclosure apart see photo simpletech 160gb. A portable simplerech drive simpletech 160gb meant 160ggb be used with notebooks or laptops which are usually away from simpletech 160gb power source. You may be wondering if there really is a difference between a portable hard drive and an external desktop hard drive.


Unscrew these two screws. A must have hard drive for the businessman on the constant run, the casual user looking for a way to transfer data from one location to another, or the college student fighting for space in overcrowded dorm rooms, this portable hard drive will surely serve as a top candidate simplftech consumers looking for a fully functional, compact, and stylish external portable hard drive.

View sompletech the SimpleDrive portable hard drive. You’ll simpletech 160gb that the interface board is mounted to the hard drive via two screws see photo below.

However, I should note that transfer speeds greatly depend on other contributing factors involved while transferring data. After deciding whether you are willing to void the warranty, find two screw holes simpletech 160gb the label.

SimpleTech 160GB SimpleDrive Portable 2.5 Inch Hard Drive

But what it really boils down to is size and usability. Both are portable simpletech 160gb a sense and both are external hard drives. No doubt, simpletech 160gb uses a notebook hard drive inside. A portable hard drive is a unit that does not necessarily require an external power outlet to operate such as would your standard external desktop hard drive. The back of simpletech 160gb portable hard drive has two slots, the one on the left in the picture above is for an AC external power source not included in the retail packageand the one on the right side is for the USB cable that leads to the computer.