I got the A for x mas. You might not need every tool for every procedure. What about what the phone does have to offer. I’ve washed it with my jeans twice now – I don’t recommend it – but after a day or two in a bag of rice – it still works perfectly! Speaker-independent automatic plus voice digit dialing. Internal memory is No. How cool is that?

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The keypad was designed well. Phone too old to activ ate Phone too old to activate through cell phom e samsung a660 per sprint agent how do i get refund? Reception is great,perfect functionality and really inexpensive.

The Samsung A has an average user review score of based on 25 reviews. I would like to down load rings, and screen savers, but it won’t connect to the browser, it just sits in receiving Speaker-independent automatic plus voice digit dialing.

samsung a660

Samsung SPH-A660 Battery Replacement

The voice dialing is impressive samsung a660 long as there is very little background noise. Reception is better than my Motorola Timeport C. Firefox will stop hiding an important privacy feature: I’m very impressed with the phone.


Motorolas are not the easiest to use, kyocera and audiovox seem to have reliability problems and samsung a660 have the goodies but always come out with same looking phone. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page.

I recently decided to upgrade my phone. I highly recommend it. Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. Samsung a660 sound was very tinny. Sound Quality Although the earpiece samsung a660 become very loud in a noisy environment, the sound quality on this phone is very bad.

Samsung SPH-A660 Repair

This phone so far has been the most reliable phone I’ve ever had. Did you know that Big Samsung a660 allows you to bring your own device to its network?

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The menu applications are not user friendly – hard to find applications and to add a phone number to the phone book samsung a660 a REAL procedure! Subscribe to updates on this phone with RSS. I originally had purchased an Samsung a660 VI but the earpiece was way too loud, even on the lowest setting. But my final word is this phone is better then having no phone at all.


Samsung SPH-A Repair – iFixit

For identification, remove samsung a660 battery on samsung a660 back of the phone and underneath battery on the phone, it should say, “MODEL: I droped it about a million times, my dog chewed it, it was left outside on – 40 etc.

You don’t have to pre-record anything as it just reads the names you typed into your phone book. Content on this a66 may not be copied or republished without formal permission.

Return of the stylus: We’ve got you covered! We have a samsung a660 to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. Visit manufacturer site for details. CDMA phones are noted for their excellent call quality and long battery life.

I guess samsung a660 goes to show that you get what you pay for!

Motorola’s G series phones have now reached their sixth generation. Fast, and formatting showed up perfectly.