While they are not the quality of dedicated outboard devices or software effects, they are musical and useful. You can also chop samples into Recycle-style slices. There are three knobs that control effects settings. You can sample in mono or stereo. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. I spent several very productive nights with a CD player plugged into it looking for loops from old jazz, reggae, salsa etc albums and had a great time lifting loops. The Roland SP is a tricked-out sampling workstation that combines extreme flexibility and powerful performance options at a great price.

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But you can get it roland sp 606 loop most samples just fine, and if you have a keen ear and rhythm the sp will be just fine for ya, but if you have sloppy rhythm like me and ya need help then ya might need to look elsewhere.

The D Beam of course is a nice feature. There are three knobs that control effects settings. This is a nice feature, because you can copy files to and from card without the need for a separate card reader. The data-entry wheel makes it easy to scroll through long lists of samples or presets. Was this review helpful?

Accessories For Marching Band. I looked roland sp 606 cheap Akai roland sp 606 machines and expensive Roland, Yamaha, and Akai machines. Also wish the machine’s effects werre a little higher quality, but even the low quality effects have a very unique quality to them.

When using this, the Classic environment must not be running simultaneously. Also the fx I just discovered such as the feedback ripper is kool and rolwnd.


I got tired of using the cheap sounding drums roland sp 606 my Roland synthesize, so I spent several weeks researching various drum machines, reviews, sound quality, prices etc.

The construction of the SP is solid, but not as tough as many performance-oriented devices. The hip-hop and dance sounds the unit ships with are useful, and let you get started playing roland sp 606 programming with the immediately.

Sold Out This product is currently out of stock. Given roland sp 606 large sample capacity, one can work around this by resampling phrases to include the changes.

Roland SP Review: More Than A Sampling Workstation – Synthtopia

It boasts excellent sample tools, long sampling times, CompactFlash support, sample-chopping and automatic-tempo matching; great real-time controls, 16 sample pads, digital and audio in and out, and a MIDI interface, all for a reasonable price.

The pads are really starting to grow on me, you have to hit ’em a lil hard but it makes it kinda nice to play. Exclusive Price This is exclusive price for our esteemed customer. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. The Roland SP sampling roland sp 606 packs a tremendous amount of power roland sp 606 a small package. It senses the proximity of roland sp 606 hand, a little like a theremin.

Roland sp 606 is an annoyance, because it means that you may have to press a lot of buttons to configure a specific Pad Bank and effects combination. This avoids the possibility of mistakenly triggering it.

Roland Sp-606 SP606 Sampler Sample DJ Gear W/ Original Adapter 256 MB Memory

I roland sp 606 the sp, and ive only had it for about a week. If you prefer, you can resample pitch-shifted samples and save them to new locations, but this means means that playing a simple bass line with the SP will eat up roland sp 606 lot of pad locations.


Summary The Roland SP is a tricked-out sampling workstation that combines extreme flexibility and powerful performance options at a great price. Fortunately, Roland provides a CompactFlash slot that supports up to mb cards.

Guitar Amp Buying Guides. It’s been working pretty well roland sp 606 i still haven’t discovered all of the features yet because the manual is a piece of crap.

Best of all are the 16 illuminated touch-sensitive pads, which make it easy to build grooves with feel. I also wish that you could change the samples by steps like roland sp 606 keyboardbut you can change the pitch by changing the BPM setting.

Roland SP-606 Review: More Than A Sampling Workstation

The software is designed to make it easy to create short grooves. It roland sp 606 be great if Roland had included a virtual SP in software that could be used to assign samples to pads, organize banks, and to use within sequencers.

Rolad has a powerful effects processor, featuring two stages that work in sequence. Unfortunately, there are no effects send levels for the pads. You can rolanf tracks while recording by just pressing one of the track buttons.