We encourage the recycling of our products. Page 85 66 printer alarm sounds 67 printer is noisy 67 printer power switch is on, but the power light is off 68 printer sounds like it is printing, but does not print 67 printer speed slows For more information, see the label on the inside top front cover of the printer. Open the ribbon access cover. Place the paper holes over the tractor pins. You can manage the credentials by using the Embedded Web Server.

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The following list items outline and explain the Control options and settings you can use with the printer: Layer 2 control panel lights Light Light status What it means Macro The specified macro function is active. You need to know your printer model type and serial number.

The printer must be online to accept data. See the documentation that came with your program to make sure you have selected the correct printer driver.

Lexmark 2500 User Manual

User’s Guide July www. If you continue pressing Font through a second pass, the font selections will be locked. Changing Menu Settings an Example After you make all your selections, the printer will print a page with your changes reflected.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Pull the left and right tractor locking levers up to unlock the tractors.


Lexmark Forms Printer Series

The printer is preset at the factory for font, pitch, form length, pringer other settings. You can manage the credentials by using the Embedded Web Server. The following steps illustrate how to adjust the alignment of the print wires. Continue to push the paper into the printer until the Paper Out light stops blinking.

Front loading paper Lexmark forms printer 2500 series paths for the pull tractor In these examples, the tractor pulls the paper from the front or the bottom of the printer.

The Tractor 2 light comes on when the optional Tractor 2 Feeder is selected. Make sure paper is not loaded in the printer. We encourage the recycling of our products. Selecting and locking a pitch The printer data stream may contain control codes which select a particular pitch. When you use the push tractor to print continuous forms, line spacing within the first 1.

Fast Draft supports only 10, 12, and 15 lexmark forms printer 2500 series. Top-Of-Form is not saved if the printer is turned off or runs out of paper when the printer is in pull serles mode. The paper remains at the current Tear Off position until you send another job to the printer. To print a list of all default settings, press LineFeed from the Main menu. Font One of the printer resident fonts is selected. Got it, continue to print. Cleaning the inside of the printer Every lexmark forms printer 2500 series months, use a soft brush and a vacuum to remove dust, ribbon lint, and pieces of paper from the printer.


The WEEE logo signifies specific recycling programs and procedures for electronic products in countries of the European Union. Notices, Edition Notice The following paragraph does pritner apply to any country where such provisions are inconsistent with local law: Values are subject to change.

Place the paper holes over the tractor pins. The continuous forms paper forme to the current Top-Of-Form setting. Seriws control panel overlays The Lexmark Forms Printer Series printers have control panel overlays available in different languages. Clean the two paper guide rollers located inside the bottom of the Auto Sheet Lexmarrk using lexmark forms printer 2500 series alcohol and a clean cloth.

Repeatedly pressing the Font button cycles through the printer font selections. If a cut form or envelope is loaded in the printer, press FormFeed to remove it.

In the address bar, type the IP address of the printer or print server to be protected using the format: