In slower corners the full 72 per cent rearward bias ensured tha. There is of course some slippage as four wheels try to cope with a peak Ib. However, the point of the exercise was a couple of quarter mile loose surface tracks which could belinked to form a lap. Kugelfischer mechanical direct fuel injection with electronically controlled enrichment on boost. Read the Formula 1 Technical Review Yet, in motorsport terms it seems to be complete lunacy that such a proven combination of 4WO and turbo muscle are most likely only to see World Championship rally service divorced from each other.

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Retrieved 13 October This latter setting provides handling which will be weoch to a previous generation of Escort drivers. Neither brakes nor dampers are particularly special, although I suspect that the hydraulic expertise shown elsewhere by the Gartrac team provides even better damping than Sachs or Bilstein, because they have tailored the settings exactly to an individual car.

Daniel Welch (racing driver) – Wikipedia

Your local news for Kent. Certainly the acceleration is superior to the bhp Audi Sport quattro that CCC experienced in Wales, but the beauty of this car is that it also handles in any way that conditions demand.

Air-to-air intercooler in front grille panel.

Kevlar body and passenger door available. Rearward lever movement halts at full split of 28 percent front and 72 percent rear ralkycross bias.

However there are some phenomena that you have to accept as normal in this Escort: And, as ever in competition cars, this development will derive from practical experimentation.


At apparently exactly the same moment as the gearlever hits the other side of the gate, rpm comes up once again in second gear. You could take control from the wslch so that the transmission is only locked-up when the car is travelling in a straight line.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Xtrac competition specification driveshafts, equal length per axle.

Daniel Welch (racing driver)

Track control arms and compression struts with rubber inner bushes and adjustable outer spherical bearings. World Rallycross Championship bosses considered moving the British round to Brands Hatch before opting for Silverstone, it has emerged. I told myself to Have Faith as the the Ford charged faithfully into the apex at enormous speed. Polite interest was professed, but how could Ford use it now? John Welch revived my spirits with a run the Xtrac.

One axed RST rally car project is enough! He had his best weekend rallycorss the season at Oulton Parkfinishing 6th in Race 1 and then holding off Matt Neal to claim 4th in Race 2. Revolution 8 by 15inch alloy. Trade Price Cars with Brisky Racing.

Then, if you can afford the time, the lever can be pulled back to provide all the oversteer you want with absolutely no driving tricks whatsoever. Welch finished 32nd in the Drivers’ Championship after a disappointing season in which the team struggled with their new self-built engines.

John Welch RallyCross 4S

If you want a gear, just make damn sure it rqllycross you mean it. Steel grids across the clutch and brake pedals guard against muddy feet. His best season finish in five years of competition was a 10th place in the European Rallycross Championship. This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat T-Platform steel monocoque chassis middle section only 2 door coupe with integral roll cage and sump guard.


RX Vauxhall Astra 4S – John Welch | Rally Group B Shrine

A few years beforehand, eelch Xtrac four wheel drive system was brought to fame by Martin Schanche in rallycross which would somewhat make the so-equipped 4S a natural contender for the series. The Welch car contains exciting technology which promises that this 4WD development has to be among the most interesting yet.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Rear facing, blade-type anti-roll bar adjustable by lever on right hand side of drivers seat. My reasoning before I drove the latest G4 Xtrac Ford Escort, generously loaned for a day of tarmac and loose surface experience, was that the rear drive Escort MK2 which we were to use as a benchmark would be easy to drive, and the Xtrac, by comparison would be extremely tricky.

Bosch microelectronically controlled electronic ignition, linked to turbocharger boost and transmission hydraulics.