Recently, there has been a wave of products originating from our Asian neighbours with nonsensical taglines — take for example Samsung’s “Touch the Light” and Creative’s even more ludicrous “Touch the Sound of Perfection”. Features The iRiver B30 is an 8GB flash player which has the largest feature count of any player on the market. Suggest a Product Have you seen a great product we should be stocking? Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. Description Reviews 13 Features Specification In the box. The touch-sensitive buttons can take some getting used to, but they work well, especially when to set to vibrate when touched. Music sounded rather flat both with the included earphones and a better-quality set.

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Flexson Wall Mount for Beam. This is the first portable MP3 Player from iRiver to feature this emerging technology.

The iRiver B30 offers plenty of features that you’d expect in a run-of-the-mill portable media player Iriver b30. Available in either 8GB or 16GB capacity models, iriver b30 can keep all the music and movies you need with you. Sensitive FM radio tuner means you always have a huge choice of music available.

iRiver B30 – the littlest digital radio… and more

If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. We’ve got a bunch of hands-on photos over iriver b30 iriverr few pages and will have a full review for you soon. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.


The B30 is packed full of features, including a DAB radio, but it’s expensive iriver b30 the amount of storage space. The audio quality and integrated digital radio tuner are great, but its design and control scheme are iriver b30.

iRiver B30 review: iRiver B30 – CNET

Though sometimes you’ll accidentally find yourself hitting OK instead of down as the buttons are a little nebulous due to the lack of a hard iriver b30. Having the speaker iriver b30 the side of the B30 would have been better. This makes the player vibrate slightly to let the user iriver b30 they kriver selected a button.

The up and down buttons are used to skip to the previous and next tracks, instead of the iriver b30 and right buttons as we’d expect. We have mixed feelings about the iRiver B It can’t resume paused videos from where you left iriver b30, but it displayed all our test irivef in their correct aspect ratios and has an orientation sensor so videos are automatically displayed horizontally.

The hold switch and power button are also located awkwardly on the B30’s lower left-hand edge. While every attempt has been made by IDG Communications in the production of these specifications, possible errors or omissions may still occur.


iRiver B30 8GB review | Expert Reviews

Album art can be displayed see a photo over the pagebut there’s no gapless playback option, so iriver b30 no use for fans of live albums. Facebook, defending fake news, gives platform to another right-wing conspiracy Facebook, defending fake news, gives iriver b30 b0 another right-wing conspiracy by Marrian Zhou.

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iriver b30 Radio stations are presented on-screen in a list, and both DAB, FM and indeed your own voice can be recorded directly to the iriver b30 memory. Suggest a Lriver Have you seen a great iriver b30 we should be stocking? Artwork worked, but most stations don’t actually bother to update this feature regularly — yet. It’s a change that feels odd if you’ve ever used any other MP3 player.

Yet iriver b30 design flaw irivet the back-mounted speaker. Bottom Line We have mixed iriver b30 about the iRiver B Continue to next page 01 Shake your music up with the G-Sensor.

With menus which are straight forward, functional and look great, using the B30 is a breeze.

Here’s the artist menu. Iriver b30 iRiver have a strong reputation for their easy to use and innovative user interfaces; B30 is no different. Instead, it has touch-sensitive buttons.

iRiver B30 Black (8 GB) Media Player

The speaker also iriveg as a microphone for voice recording. Sign in with LinkedIn Iriver b30 in with Facebook. The Bottom Line Idiosyncratic iriver b30 hell, the iRiver B30 is a feature-complete player with sparkling sound, but it won’t put a fire up the Cupertino boys. Activating DAB puts the iRiver into landscape mode, and you’ll need to view it on its side.