It’s generally a good idea to have ACLs in place to ensure BMCs can only communicate with a secured management node, and importantly that BMCs cannot communicate with each other. But it still needs to be said that business hardware needs to be managed in a non-proprietary way. Otherwise, how could you make the hardware do what you want it to do if you don’t even have access to modify what it’s currently doing? It used to be as simple as cutting the write enable pin. December 11, at 6:

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Intel Management Engine – Wikipedia

Using ARM before that might be a dealbreaker. I would be curious to know what the attack scenario is exactly? Wouldn’t you rather have Linux and BSD as first-class citizens on new hardware, instead of always needing to play catch-up from behind?

I prefer the wording in Lenovo’s security advisory [0]: Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit. Security Predictions for Well, source code under GPLv3 would prevent this too. No, it shows the power supply is alive and supplying power to the stand-by circuits of the motherboard.

For example, a virus could abuse it to make the computer lose some of the functionality that the typical end-user expects, such as the ability to play media with DRM. The same is true of all the devices directly integrated into your motherboard.

Unknown or unsupported hardware platform This box has 2 intel management engine intel me E v4 CPUs so it is reportedly “not affected” but I thought I’d double-check anyways. Join the How-To Geek Club! Except some researchers have disabled it? Intel sales slump solved?


However, the evidence I’ve seen so far isn’t looking too good, and it definitely looks like the vast majority of macs made in the last 5 years are all vulnerable, engune appearing to run outdated Intel firmware to boot — not good for Apple. Again, maybe you don’t like the way mr argue for it, but you’re arguing for the same freedom that others want. Throwing it away is unlikely but the fact that this affects Xeon intel management engine intel me means intel management engine intel me pretty much every single data center across the world could be affected.

So even if some people partially documented some ME firmware formatthere is very few probability of having a free software replacement for it one day.

Mitigating CVE-2017-5689, an Intel Management Engine Vulnerability

We need trustworthy intel management engine intel me robust computers that are capable of not leaking secrets and losing control to adversaries — and “remote management” hardware is a severe step backwards from that.

This week, that wall was breached. Otherwise, how could you make the hardware do what you want it to do if you don’t even have access to modify what it’s currently doing? Intel recently released a security advisory detailing several security flaws in its Management Engine ME.

I wonder what the pricing will be.

There will even be more internally accessible and vulnerable ME computers on corporate networks including some Intel-based firewalls and routers.


Intel management engine intel me, the smell of a billion dollar class action lawsuit in the morning! Darthy 6 months ago. There is legit demand for that. No Ethernet controller fimrware. Not entirely the same, and I think the Intel trick is more nefarious.

An in-depth security review of the Intel Management Engine | Hacker News

Pretty weird stuff that intel management engine intel me Dell tech advised of just pulling egine internal speaker and i never did. A vulnerability where someone can remote control your machine even after you swap out all local storage and install a new OS is another thing entirely.

CVEa privilege escalation flaw. In Seattle in the mid s we had a spate of hundreds of breakins due to ill secured fire dept master keys in cheap lock boxes.

The ultimate exploit for the ME inteel one over the network interface. I recall Mike Guimarin’s comment of “If transistors are free and they are why not cut down the internal SKUs and intel management engine intel me this on all processors” which apparently Intel did.

It’s a chip that your motherboard manufacturer hardwired in e. If Intel actually cared about your security they would document that.