An mp4 file by default uses the H. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. At this point, it’s a good idea to make sure video is working. This will increase the size of the final video file. In other words, use ALSA’s hw:

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This page was last modified on 28 Novemberat They are very closely related as libav is a branch of ffmpeg. This goes for any USB video capture device. Since video is very demanding hauppauge usb-live 2 USB can only move hauppauge usb-live 2 much data at a time, it’s important that you connect this correctly.

I recorded a Live Safety presentation for a construction site and it came out beautiful! An mp4 file by default uses the H.

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Order in the next 0: Be the first to review this item. Tracing the loading process there also appeared to be sections stubbed out that would be needed for this card’s arrangement. It lets you send 30 digital images per second over the USB 2. We need to figure hauppauge usb-live 2 where the USB-Live2’s sound hardware is before we can test sound.

So it appears that the issue is the unstable signal from the VCR. hauppauge usb-live 2

Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

Ever since installing this device, my hardrive light blinks once every second continuously even with the software closed. Rated 4 out of hauopauge by Adams Video Productions from Inexpensive solution I use this to stream city council meetings to Ustream. Updated the drivers and software and the pilot light comes on now but not the recording light. The output can hauppauge usb-live 2 viewed with no issues when plugged into a projector’s composite video input.


If you have the wrong standard set, you will likely get no video at all since hauppauge usb-live 2 USB-Live2 won’t be able to make any sense out of the incoming video signal.

One is known as “ffmpeg”, the other ueb-live “libav”. Plug a video source into the USB-Live2. We can use v4l2-ctl to configure the device for NTSC like this:. To get that far I had hajppauge comment out a bunch of the drivers attempts to initialize an external tuner which this card doesn’t have. It was recognized straight hauppauge usb-live 2 and after plugging in an NTSC hauppauge usb-live 2 signal with left and right audio, it worked just fine.

With the video apps that come with Ubuntu The motherboard sound hardware is on “card 0” while the USB-Live2 sound hardware is on “card 1”. We are using it to capture s-video composite is also an option output from a medical imaging device; it is much higher quality capture than our old Dazzle Fusion capture device. Qty Add to Cart. The list is very long and includes many variations on each of the major standards.


It would appear in general that hauppauge usb-live 2 cxxx driver is in a bit of a skeleton state and only was developed to work on the reference designs. If I input the composite from a VCR, it works fine. hauppauge usb-live 2

Turns out its Hauppauge usb-live 2 implementation is non-standard and is only supported in very old versions of Linux. Other random things to consider. I think they preserve the standard of the input now. I don’t have hauppauge usb-live 2 previous experience with these types of chips and was unable to find a full datasheet for the Conexant chip so am at a road block in trying to get it working alone.

Hauppauge Support | USB-Live2 and WinTV-USB2-FM

For further details see delivery usb-libe in cart. With vlc, sometimes it works fine, other times it stops at random points without warning. I didn’t install any of the included software. As hauppauge usb-live 2 this writing Octoberlibav and ffmpeg are merging back together, and ffmpeg is once again becoming the standard toolkit for Linux video.