Language monitor will now retry sending data to printer 3 times before reporting an error to spooler. Added new RFID locking commands to certain printers. Export of barcode fonts didn’t work properly unless user clicked on barcode fonts tab before exporting them. Using ‘Export to Printer’ option in Labelling software creates wrong contents for maxicode barcodes. Also when user will delete or install a new printer to the system, Status Monitor will detect the change by itself.

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Command cancels all format commands in the buffer. This feature is useful for printers with LCD display where user would like to set printer parameters speed, darkness PrnInst utility was godex ez 1300 so that long INF file structure is supported.

This can be done with NL communication because this setting should driver get from NL. Help on About dialog opens help page with contents ‘This program cannot display the webpage’.

Godex Print Head, 300 dpi for EZPi-1300,

Incorrect stream is sent to printer when godex ez 1300 Rfid Gen2 tags. Driver can now override the default document settings of some applications with driver default settings set up in printer spooler. This only happens if barcode has variable contents.

But user have to set in this case tha maximum length of counter to 3! Barcodes in labeling software with prompted contents godex ez 1300 not exported correctly to the printer. Added automatic termination character for Maxicode barcode font data.


Godex ez 1300 reason is that old ZPL printers take the last 11 digits for data and not first 11 digit of 12 for data. This is supported now. Import and export didn’t work if filename and path exceeded the length of 80 characters while windows support character lengths.

Following GEPL models added: Solved problem with multi-thread printing sometimes the stream is not correct.

Godex printer drivers | NiceLabel

Microsoft Vista operating system is not mentioned in 1030 text file that is distributed with the driver. Now they can change language settings if they have administrative rights. There is unknown command how to encode this characters into Code Stock size will be automatically adjusted.

Barcode ratio values are not shown in Godex ez 1300 Fonts dialog. Changed default number for cutting to 1 label instead of godex ez 1300.

EPL printers sent cut offset in all cases c commands. With this control user can change the godex ez 1300 position for max. Now we have change the print stream, that RFID command is always the last of all elements. User is now able to change administrator settings without reopening driver properties dialog as an elevated user.


Godex EZ Plus Printer Drivers | Seagull Scientific

Add a line stating the requirements needed for asian fonts to be printed correctly by the driver. Driver settings are now correctly updated after being imported.

Now it is implement new type of graphic printing called? Godex’s new printer language GZPL godex ez 1300 added. Barcodes with ‘”‘ character on EPL printers are not printed. After viewing the Help file CHM file was locked and because of that reboot was needed to complete the installation.

Spooler crashed, if user had godex ez 1300 bidirectional printers using the same port, while using a status monitoring application. Driver update didn’t preserve settings 11300 all installed printers.

Godex EZ-1300

There is possible in ZPL to print counter without leading zeros. Port monitor now uses correct 64 bit interface file on 64bit systems.

In some case of printing big graphics color on bit OS for example the graphic elements could be missing.