Accuracy reported to be 11ft when mounted on my bike handlebars. Fix minutes to hours roll over issue. Correct European word translation of ‘Find’ and ‘Mark’. Correct daylight saving time for New Zealand. Add support for maps greater than 2 GB.

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Connect the device with a USB cable and issue:. Add support for maps greater than 2 GB.

Garmin: eTrex Vista HCx Updates & Downloads

For best performance either use lithium primary cells, or rechargable batteries like Eneloops. Correct upside down direction of vertical speed. No changelog appears to be available. Change ‘Lithium Ion’ text to ‘Lithium’ Installation Instructions It is recommended garmin etrex vista hcx usb you disable screen savers or other programs running on your PC while you go through the update process. Correct daylight saving time garmkn New Zealand. Be sure to note where the un-zipped files are going to allow you to find them!

Click on the button labeled ‘Un-zip’. hccx

Updates & Downloads

Note that map name –mapname option should not exceed 8 characters, otherwise the map will be silently ignored. Fix ‘Highway Page’ shutdown issue with menu key operation.


If recording to the microSD card, traces are written in gpx format, which is suitable for OpenStreetMap usage. Correct battery issue of lithium battery.

This is quite unsatisfactory for OpenStreetMap traces. Accuracy reported to be 11ft when mounted on my bike handlebars. Once files are written the device will silently stop logging to the card.

Fix garmin etrex vista hcx usb hint message issue when compass turn off.

Garmin/eTrex Vista HCx

With mAh Eneloops and backlight off, you can get around 30hours running time. Changes made from version 3.

Fix screen fading issue in cold temperature. This makes the etrex hcx series the best series to be able to read the screen while cycling or mtbiking. Change number of lines of text in the address field on map feature review page from 4 garmin etrex vista hcx usb 6. Correct direction symbol of vertical speed. A program window will appear asking you where to ‘Un-zip’ the files.

Fix issue where ETA in non motor vehicle modes can be unreasonably short. Modify track log function for steady barometer output at power on. Fixed postcode issue with CNE v.


Turn the GPS on. Changes made from version 2.

Fixed Swiss grid issue. Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it. Added hint message when the E-compass of the unit has never been calibrated successfully by user.

Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

After garkin an operation it is still suggested to manually clean out “blobs” of points if having stayed in one location especially indoors for some period of time. This program compresses the data to allow for a faster download of the needed files. Saved tracklogs cannot be uploaded to openstreetmap. Battery capacity is great.