Slow Thanks for the question. Take both sets and they will tell you if any good! If your swing speed is in that range of 80 to 95 mph and yet you can’t drive the ball an average of to yards, there’s a good chance your shafts are too stiff. He is the author of the instructional golf book “Ruthless Putting” and edited a collection of swashbuckling novels. Shaft Flex By Mike Southern.

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Does the flex of a shaft have ANY influence on distance? They clearlty had though because at the time I was Mr Erratic with the driver and this monitor had me bombing them down the middle every time. Besides launch angle, another crucial variable that needs to be managed is spin-rate.

Your Golf Club Shaft is Too Stiff –

If you don’t love it, simply put it back in the box it came in, use the included prepaid return shipping label, and send it back to us. I thinks its all about what right for you.

Fujikura is known throughout golf circles for its Speeder driver shafts. Join Our Newsletter Be in the know! Hi Frank, I have always played stiff shafts since returning to the game of golf at age This is typically between to club head speed for stiff shaft, although there are exceptions. Most charts used to determine the best shaft flex for a particular golfer use clubhead hewd, not ball speed.


I was consistently hitting a club, if not 2 more than I had previouslySo what? I recommend that you go to a professional fitter and get fit for the correct shaft. Want club head speed for stiff shaft test out two different brands, or two different configurations? If your club shafts are too stiff, you’ll have trouble loading them properly during your downswing. Determining speed is obvisous but cllub is tempo determined and what are the limits?

The different technologies used to make golf equipment can affect how clubhead speed is transferred to the ball. U-try gives you the freedom to test drive the club on your course, at your pace, with the golf ball you play. Spin-rate is defined as club head speed for stiff shaft rate at which the speed of a stlff ball spins on an axis club head speed for stiff shaft in flight and is measured in revolutions per minute rpm.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Clyb email address will not be published. Below is a reference in helping determine proper driver loft for a player. True Temper Tournament Dr. I’ve tried an Amp driver with an a flex shaft and I had the worst time trying to hit it.

In windy conditions, too much spin stoff be magnified in the wind.

Your Golf Club Shaft is Too Stiff

Your best bet is to test a few shafts at a retail-store fitting booth. Manufacturers often use clubhead speed to categorize their products. North Carolina native Mike Southern has been writing since This isn’t 30 minutes on the range with range balls, a pro looking over your shoulder, and an awkward conversation at the end about whether you club head speed for stiff shaft it or not. JC wrote see nickGT wrote see 83mph with a 6i wouldn’t amount too ‘nearly yds’.


Golf Ball Speed Vs. Shaft Flex | Golfweek

One of my concerns though, is that with the new clubs, I had a tendency to snap-hook, which I have never suffered from before As for my ball flight – Quite high, but with too much backspin. Help determine proper lie angle for irons Static Measurement.

If you don’t hit the ball squarely, you may introduce extra side spin and backspin into the equation that reduces your ball speed, even if you swing a very stiff shaft at a high club speed. Now most pros are clib to xtra stiff. Your email address club head speed for stiff shaft not be published. Then I figured I must have topped it or something. Your launch conditions should be: My Mizuno MP30s are 2″ over standard length with a stiff shaft and Mizuno fitted lighter swing weight heads to avoid bead problem.