That’s sensible given that computer speak calls a DAC an external soundcard. I think we stand up quite well against any competition. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Dedicated ohm headphone amplifier for clearest detail Audiophile-class headphone amplifiers are utilized to drive high quality personal audio and satisfy all impedance requirements. InnerFidelity Holiday Gift Guide. Due to the cost of the opamps retail price for the Muses edition will be more expensive than the Essence One standard edition.

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It’s our currently busiest segment after all.

Asus Xonar Essence One review | What Hi-Fi?

For Individual looks headphone amp lots of connectivity 8x upsampling rapid, forthright sound. We should know at some point when Tyll runs it through his battery of tests. The absence of needless intellectualisation and poetic metaphors is most welcome.

ASUS is a renowned name in the computer peripheral industry. It has the usual digital coaxial, digital optical and asynchronous USB inputs, but alongside stereo RCA outputs are balanced XLR outputs too — so the Asus will pair with more rarefied amplification. Standard internal clock compensation for different transfer rates between PCs and USB audio dssence may still cause jitter, essdnce with ADT, audio processors automatically tune buffer status to system output, enabling faster clock adjustments and better jitter reduction, delivering the highest fidelity with extensive detail and lively sound imaging.

This unit differs slightly from a full-blown “Muses Edition” in that it lacks the gain jumper present in the Muses edition.

Unless it’s a true work of art, I’m not a fan of this type of design and this gets minus 5 essecne points. A number of soundcards Redefine High Fidelity and Clarity Digital music sources are an important source for audiophiles. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. On the front panel, obe left to right, we have the power button, upsampling button, input selector, mute love itspeaker volume, headphone volume, headphone jack.


Xonar engineers and product managers continuously aim to improve sound quality, resulting in Xonar Essence One Plus Edition launching in June with an Op-Amp DIY kit, which allows customers to easily tune sound to their preference.

World’s first USB digital-to-analog converter with 8x symmetrical upsampling and 120dB SNR

I like the way you go about Submitted by Jazz Casual on April 27, – 3: Thanks for taking the onf ; Wouldn’t mind an update later with more impressions with more cans, given how picky the Xonar seems to be with cans. Regardless, op-amp rolling is a feature I know will appeal to a significant segment of headphiles, and that’s fine, too.

I’m sure they were going for something when they did that and the odd touches to the bottom of the chassis. Unlike most USB DACs which use only one volume control for the output level of both headphone and speaker or asu no volume controlThe Xonar Essence One allows users to set the headphone and speaker volume level separately.

I like the way you go about it Dinny.

This is a spare, nuanced piano-and-voice recording, but the Xonar Essence One is constantly nagging at it, constantly seeking to drive it onwards and crowd the front of the soundstage. Orthos may be pushing it though. Artesania Esoteric double-wide 3-tier with TT glass shelfRajasthani solid hardwood console for amps Powerline conditioning: The effect of either should be readily visible when measuring loaded performance.


Op-amp is the key part that amplifies the analog signal in your DAC and affects tone characters darker, brighter, sound image, etc.

This is a higher quality output that is useful for eliminating unwanted noises and interference. Availability of these devices is poor and often, you end up having to import them The stock tended to give more bottom end so I liked it more, to feel the drum kicks or the bass instruments in the orcestra.

DIY is awfully rewarding, you know?

Asus Xonar Essence One or Why Actually Listening to Gear is Important | InnerFidelity

According to Asus, the only difference between the two, other than the op amps, is that the Muses edition has a gain jumper. We May Have Answers. PCB color esdence bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Cleanest sound thanks to a dedicated internal power supply The internal power supply supports all international voltages and has generous margins for over and under voltage conditions.

The Fssence chips are thus the swapamps. Audiophile-class headphone amplifiers are utilized to drive high quality personal audio and satisfy all impedance requirements. Xonar headphone compatibility Submitted by thenewyorker on June 8, – 3: And if the Muses were considered best to give this edition its name, what were the other options?